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Cynthia's Story

Before New Beginnings, Cynthia was at a point in her life where she appeared ok on the outside but was not ok on the inside. She was going through some tough family times and almost lost her life. Cynthia survived and knew she had to keep pushing like the fighter she is.

While doing research for a hearing impairment nonprofit, she came across The New Beginnings Center as a wellness resource for women. The 12-week session had already started, but Cynthia decided to enroll anyway. “I was nervous. I was still getting used to my new cochlear implant and was worried about my hearing. I knew I was really out of shape. I knew that my body and my mind needed a lot of help.”

When the professionals and clients welcomed Cynthia with open arms, she knew she was in the right place. “New Beginnings is not just about exercise and it’s definitely not about a diet – it’s really just about gathering tools that women can use to better themselves as people and create new habits that can bring about long term success...I learned to love myself and found out that I am my own best friend. And that I have sisters through New Beginnings that will be with me for the rest of my life.”

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