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Join at any time!

What is it?

Iron Souls is a holistic program for high school-age girls that advocates for wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Girls in the program will:

  • learn good nutritional habits

  • increase strength & mobility

  • participate in goal setting

  • have overall improved sense of self

  • have fun and make new, seriously!

To apply:

"It doesn't
feel like
a chore."

~ Amelia


When & Where?

Iron Souls is an on-going, jump in when you can, program that meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 - 5:30 pm.


The program is held at The New Beginnings

Center at 509 Craighead Street in Nashville,

near I-65 and Wedgewood.

"We are
encouraged to be
our own version
of our best."

~ Hayley


How it works

Each class consists of two 30 minutes sessions:

FIRST 30 MINUTES: connection and conversation

about health and wellness topics like nutrition,

sleep, stress management, exercise, and 

mental and emotional resilience skills and strategies.

SECOND 30 MINUTES: strength and conditioning training

"It's fun.You
make friends.
Get to be with Amanda
for an hour everyday."

~ Isabella

Amanda screen shots.png

Who is the Coach?

With 10 years of college and high school

strength and conditioning coaching

experience, Amanda leads our IRON SOULS

program. She is as an outdoor enthusiast, a self-proclaimed chef, and firm believer in the education

and empowerment of women in sports, fitness, and health and wellness. Simply put, she is a rock star with a heart for empowering young women, and an easy-to-connect-with demeanor.

Amanda has worked with numerous teams across the U.S., holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and History, a Master’s Degree in Applied Exercise Science, and a virtual alphabet soup of certifications. She is the heart of this program!

"Y'all are kind,
and we talk about
how how our
day has been."

~ Alexandria

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Iron Souls is a program of The New Beginnings Center, a nonprofit whose mission is to help women and teenage girls of all races, religions and financial situations discover the strength in themselves, inside and out.  TNBC empowers women and girls to be the healthiest they can be through individualized, world-class coaching in fitness, nutrition, and behavior change. These are skills needed to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

To apply:

For additional information, please email Amanda Mills at

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Iron Souls logo-horizontal-color.png
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