Welcome to your workout of the month page!

Below are two different workout programs for you to use throughout the month (day 1, and day 2) - please print BOTH and alternate between the two workouts, on the days you workout, this gives your body some variation as well as time to recover before you work the same muscle group again. 


Before you get started:

let's go over how to read the workout cards!  


Exercises are grouped together in "blocks", this means you'll rotate through these exercises for a certain number of sets.  So you may do exercise 1 for the number of reps, then switch to exercise 2 for the number of reps, then switch to exercise 3 (if applicable), and so on.   Once you go through all the exercises that are blocked together you'll go back to exercise 1 and repeat the block for the designated number of sets.

What are Reps?

Reps are the number of times you'll do an exercise.  If your workout card says to do Hip Bridges for 8 Reps, you'll do 8 Hip Bridges all at once before moving on to the next exercise.  

Some exercises are single-sided, so if the workout cards says to do Single-Leg Hip Bridges for Reps of 8/ea, you will do 8 Single-Leg Hip Bridges all at once, on each leg, before moving on to the next exercise.

What are Sets?

Sets are the number of rounds you go through an exercise, or whole block of exercises, before moving on to the next block.  

How to Track your Days

Each column to the right of the exercise blocks is designed to represent a day.  Date the column at the top, and then follow the reps listed in that column (these will progress over time), write in any weights you use for a specific exercise (if applicable) so you can track your progression over time.   

Don't know a certain exercise?  Check out our video database!


Additional Tips & Equipment

- Learn how to anchor your exercise band here

- Purchase band anchors from Amazon here ("GoFit" Door Anchor - $4.99)

- Purchase a 15 pound Dumbbell from Amazon here (single dumbbell for $19.99)

- Purchase a foam roller from Amazon here ($13.95)

- Learn how to set and use a Tabata timer/app here