The New Beginnings Center (TNBC) is dedicated to providing a targeted solution to the health, wellness and obesity challenges facing Tennessee women.

  • New Beginnings is a place where women – whatever their age, background or income – can embark on programs that allow them to achieve new levels of fitness, strength, well-being and confidence.

  • Through these accomplishments, women learn what it takes to be healthier and stronger in mind and spirit, as well as body – and become empowered to take on the challenges of their lives and to build futures.

  • Scholarships to Tennessee women for New Beginnings’ services include strength and fitness training, nutritional education and personal empowerment classes. These scholarships will be provided based on need, income level and each applicant’s willingness to partner with – and commit to – the programs offered.

  • Scholarship support will be provided through sponsored grants or individual gifts to TNBC. Annual scholarship awards will be based on donations received and the capacity of TNBC to serve those women who qualify.

  • These 12-week workshops will focus on healthy choices for nutrition, activity/exercise, body image and self-confidence wile under the supervision of highly qualified certified personal trainers.

  • Scholarships will be renewed based on progress toward measurable goals and available funding. Progress will be measured weekly, with coaching provided to guide and track goals. Each client will receive her own written assessment and will be expected to partner in the steps needed to achieve agreed-upon objectives.


To qualify for a scholarship from New Beginnings, the following requirements must be met

  • All applicants will be selected based upon need and their willingness to partner with New Beginnings in achieving measurable goals and will be selected by board committee.

Selection Criteria

1. You must have a demonstrated need for our services:  

  • Written doctor’s recommendation

  • Personal goals statement regarding your wellness objectives

sliding scale.png

2. Gross household income up to 150% of current HUD 2018 income levels. Sliding scale fees are applicable for incomes more than 150%*.  Please submit the following for scholarship or sliding scale review:

  • Copy of your most recent Tax Return

3. Willingness to partner

  • Willingness to attend two sessions a week for three months in phase 1

  • Willingness to attend two to three sessions a week for three to nine months in phase 2

  • Willingness to commit to progress evaluations and measurements for up to one year

Check out our FAQs page!


Step 1:

Application Form

Please fill out the application below:

Step 2:

Additional Documents Needed

Please gather the following required documents to submit once we contact you regarding your application:

  • Copy of your most recent tax return (for scholarship/sliding scale assessment)

  • Written doctor’s note (see form below)

Please submit these to via secure email to - or - mail to:

The New Beginnings Center, 509 Craighead Street, Suite #100, Nashville, TN 37204

Now Accepting Applications 

Next Session at Main Center: 1/7/2020 – 3/26/2020
Meets Twice Per Week: Tuesday & Thursday evenings at either 5:00PM 5:30PM or 6:00PM
Application Deadline: 12/30/2019

Satellite Programs  

We have satellite programs on the West Side at St. Luke's Community House and in north Nashville at The McGruder Family Resource Center.  Contact us for more information. 615-432-2579.  

Apply for the satellite locations via the Online Application form above.