Client Testimonials

"I have tried for years to lose weight and keep it off. The New Beginnings Program has given me the tools I need to do just that. I am forever changed."
I have tried for years to lose weight and keep it off. The New Beginnings Program has given me the tools I need to do just that. I am forever changed.
— New Beginnings Client
“Thanks to New Beginnings, I have lost a total of 53 lbs (25% of my body weight) and my doctor has taken me off all my diabetic medications, one blood pressure medication and reduced my cholesterol medication to half a dose.”
Thanks to New Beginnings, I have lost a total of 53 lbs (25% of my body weight) and my doctor has taken me off all my diabetic medications, one blood pressure medication and reduced my cholesterol medication to half a dose.
— New Beginnings Client
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The New Beginnings program was a godsend. I had started to exercise on my own, but needed to learn how to eat healthy. New Beginnings taught me what I needed to know. I lost 21 pounds,13.5% of my body weight and feel great!
— Monica Reed
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At 57 years old, I’m in better shape than at any other time. After completing this program I’m a new person ready to live each day to the fullest, minus 25 pounds. I’m happier and I feel better about myself!
— Connie Swineheart
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My most recent lab results are ALL within normal range! My bad cholesterol went down, my good cholesterol went  up and my HgbA1C is within normal range. The number on the scale may not be moving much but these numbers are awesome!
— New Beginnings Client

More Client Testimonials

“I could’ve spent the rest of my life trying to gather the information and encouragement I’ve received in the last 12 weeks”
– Jen Dominguez 

“We all have a goal. I definitely will continue to achieve mine. Thanks so very much for believing in me.”
– Bobbie Jean Waggoner

“I tell everyone I know who is struggling with weight about New Beginnings. Hopefully they will enjoy and learn as much as I have”  
– Shari Carter 

“This is an awesome program that not only helped me realize how to change my bad habits into good ones, but it has given me a new sense of self esteem. “
—Joni Smith 

“Starting this process was not easy, but as I began to discard old habits this program helped to shed new light on the truth, “that it is never to late for a new beginning.”
— Norma Buchanan 

“I have already stopped one of the (diabetes) medications and my ultimate goal is to be able to stop taking the other three. For the first time in 6 years, I can’t wait for my next doctor’s appointment. I NEVER thought I would say that!
– Julie House

“Thank you to New Beginnings and the great staff, this was the best 12 weeks of my life”
– Natalia Creatore

“This program really gave me life and makes me look forward to living better and being happy”  
– Lenora Abel

“I’m taking it all back by faith… I am living my life with passion! I’m painting my future again in love and the lighted path is full of vibrantly colored dreams and hopes, and the expectation of a great and joyful adventure.”
– Melissa Harris 

“It not only changed my body, but it changed my mind!”
– Shana Berkley 

“I’ve passed on what I learned to my daughters and I hope they are creating new habits that will last a lifetime.”
– Melanie Jones 

“Here we are about to graduate and I have lost 20 lbs and come off insulin completely! I believe for women that want to take this program seriously, as I have, it can be a lifesaver.”
– Darlene Ryan Lutton 

“Since I have been in the New Beginnings class, I get up every morning ready for the world. I’m up at 5am reading my inspiration book and word for the day. Praising God and giving him all the glory”
– Jennifer Cummins 

“I never really thought about myself, however, thanks to this program, I want to be kind to myself”
– Kara Margias 

“It provided me with not only physical strength but emotional strength and weight loss” – Sharon Waller 

“It seems like everything in my life is coming into place. It’s like this is where I’ve wanted to be for a long time”- Scharlotte Walden

“All in all I have taken my life back at 62 years young, Looking forward to the new me and thankful my sister shared with me about New Beginnings”
– SMB 







“Although weight loss was my priority upon being accepted into the New Beginnings program, it is the self actualization lessons that have been the most rewarding for me. I no longer view myself or feed myself all of the negative messages that have plagued me and chipped away at my self esteem for years.”
– Valencia Grimm

“In the short amount of time I’ve been at the center I have not only started to lose weight and feel more in control of my eating and overall health but I have been gaining priceless information that I will carry into my second half of my life”
– Pam Kiani

“Then another act of God’s favor introduced me to the New Beginnings program which has lead me on a journey that is literally life saving and life changing.”
– Mary Pettus 

“In addition to renewing my health, I have made new, lifelong friendships that I dearly cherish. There newfound friends share the same new love of health with me, and the support we give each other is paramount to continue successfully in a healthy lifestyle”
– Dimple Simpson

“I can truly say now I have the confidence to beat the odds. This program has given me a brand new life.”
– Dolly Thomas 

“I can report that it has changed my life. I am down 49 pounds,  shrunk 5 pant sizes and have received word from the doctor that all my blood work and tests fall within the normal range”
– Lynn Cavery 

“I am grateful knowing that I am not alone in my struggles of trying to live a better life and become a healthier person. At the New Beginnings Center, I met other ladies that were facing similar situations and seeking change. Now we became friends who inspire each other and encourage each other to keep on trying.”
– Elia Tapia

“I received the opportunity to increase my knowledge of nutrition and improve my physical and mental well-being” – Regenia Boyd 

“Through this program I have learned to value myself more and be a happier/healthier person”- Erika Roca

“I feel better than I have in years and I am making lifestyle changes for my children and me”- LaRonda Waller 

“I am a seventy five year old woman who has dyslexia. When I was young I was sure I was stupid….Because of this opportunity, I am not switching my letters and numbers as frequently as I did and my reading is improving”- Clarice McGuire. 

“During the twelve weeks we talked a lot about our feelings and why we have weight issues. We dug deep into our relationships with others and how we deal with our emotions. Tash helped me realize that it is ok to make myself a priority and take care of myself”- Tracey Martin 

“No a miracle did not happen and I didn’t lose half my weight, but as the program says; it’s a beginning, my new beginning”- Heather Dinwiddie

"I got my physical results (blood work) yesterday from my doctor. I actually cried.  Last February 2015 my fasting blood sugar was 352 and my A1c was 11. Today 2016, my A1c is 5.3 fasting sugar of 98. I have been off the metformin for many months now, since I started the program. Cholesterol normal with no meds, total of 178 (in august of 2015 it was 214 with no meds). It has gone down with this program. All cholesterol CHANGED TO WITHIN NORMAL LIMITS OFF MEDS... I am beyond speechless. I am going to be around for a while. I have given myself another chance at life because of your help and guidance."  - Connie Swineheart