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The New Beginnings Center (TNBC) started as a thought of, "what if" in 2010. What if we could create a system of lifestyle coaching that included nutrition, exercise and the actual process of change itself? What if we could provide a health and wellness program like no other that produced REAL and lasting results and offer it to ALL women, regardless of their ability to pay or their background? We wanted ALL women to have access to the best coaching available.

Our deepest mission was to empower women to live their best possible life, but the measurable side effects, of keeping our focus on changing from the inside-out, have been remarkable.

This thought turned into reality in 2011, when TNBC received its 501c3 designation and Chris McCarthy and Tash Weddle (co-founders) set out on a mission to spread the word about how TNBC could empower women to improve their health and wellness and in turn pass it on their families and friends.

Tash graduated the first pilot group of four women in 2012. Their results were even better than she had anticipated. The women lost an average of 12% of their body weight in 12 weeks, but more importantly their attitude and outlook on life was changed forever.

In 2013, TNBC moved into a brand new, 6000 square foot facility in Berry Hill and has continued to grow ever since. We now serve over 470 women each year and are continuing to grow that number by adding satellite locations and additional workshops.

The future is bright for New Beginnings because the need for our services is so great.

The New Beginnings Timeline

  • Received our 501C3 in June of 2011

  • Graduated our first class of four women in 2012

  • Moved into our new facility in July 2013

  • Currently empowering over 470 women a year to live their best life!

The New Beginnings Center serves over 470 women a year! And our clients lives are forever changed. We are grateful for this amazing facility and our generous donors and look forward to many more years of bringing health and wellness to our community. If we all work together to improve the health and wellness of those most at risk in our community, then all of Nashville wins by reducing healthcare costs.
— Natasha Weddle, President and CEO