Welcome to the new beginnings center online program!


Program overview


Similar to TNBC’s on-site program, this online program is nine weeks long and consists of three major components: fitness, nutrition, and empowerment.  Regarding fitness, weekly exercises will consist of sets of strength and physical training exercises to build muscle, strength, and endurance.  Pictures and demonstrations for these exercises will be provided.  The only equipment you need will be an exercise band, a band attachment, and a set of dumbbells.

Regarding nutrition, each week will focus on different aspects of healthy eating.  This includes healthy food choices, appropriate serving sizes, and tips to manage hunger, prevent overeating, and curb cravings.  Lastly, regarding empowerment, each week will include activities to help you set goals, develop your life plan, and establish meaning and purpose in your daily life.

Be sure to check your email regularly, as additional information and tips will be emailed to you throughout the week.  Check your spam folder if you haven't received any emails in your inbox yet.  When you do receive the first email, be sure to scroll down and click the link to the New Beginnings website at the bottom of the page; this activates the automated emails you will receive.  We encourage you to join our private Facebook group, (insert hyperlink here), for support from both our trainers and fellow online program participants throughout this journey.  You’ve made a decision to change your lifestyle, and today is the first day. Let’s get started!




In order to understand your current state of health, we ask you to complete a health questionnaire once you begin the program.  In addition, to monitor your progress we ask that you complete a nutrition test, weigh yourself, measure your waist size, and take a full-body picture of yourself at the start and end of the program.  During the program, you will continue to weigh yourself twice a week.  For the most accurate results please weigh yourself at the same time of day and wearing similar clothing each time.  All this information can be submitted under the "Data" page (insert hyperlink here).  Submitting this information will take a little bit of time, but it is hugely important in helping us make improvements and justify the continuation of this online program.


Nutrition & Lifestyle habits guide


Included in the purchase of the New Beginnings Center Online Program is the Nutrition & Lifestyle Habits Guide, which can be downloaded from the first email you receive after signing up for this program. This week, try to spend some time reading through the guide to familiarize yourself with the program.  This does not mean you have to follow all these habits at once! You will be introduced to new habits each week in order to gradually and successfully transition to a healthier lifestyle.